Supply Chain Services

Nowadays, almost every item of OGE equipment has been assembled from parts which have been manufactured in different continents giving rise to what some call the “local-global-local” supply chain, the supply chain of both now and the future

At BISL, we reduce project supply chain costs and risks by mandating …
1. Every BISL-approved manufacturer is ISO 9001 accredited, and has been so for more than 5 years
this provides a high level of quality assurance and accurate documentation, including recommended operating practices and maintenance procedures

2. BISL-selected equipment has a record of proven performance in a similar environment for more than 5 years
this means its not classified as a ”prototype” and is unlikely to fail within the period up to the facility’s next formal shutdown (for maintenance of major rotating equipment, vessel internals and the like – usually every 5yrs, though can be every 10yrs)

3. The design of BISL-purchased equipment will not undergo major change in the next 10 year period is considered unlikely….
thus, there’s but a small risk to the long term availability of spare parts and manufacturer support

4. BISL having a trusted colleague in each of the regions from which it must globally source equipment and systems not yet available in Nigeria….
knowing the most efficient regional transport routes guarantees BISL a net supply chain risk reduction (in packaging + shipping by air or sea + customs clearance + final delivery to the Customer’s warehouse)

Our Services Include

  • Market Surveys
  • Bid Analysis
  • Equipment and Bulk Purchases
  • Supply Chain Management