Opex Support Services

1. A comprehensive site survey service, reflected in a number of revised documents and drawings –
Including the recommended fitting of an RFID tag per critical equipment item, in support a robust Asset Management System, if not already in existence

2. A comprehensive safety audit service, to confirm suitability of certified equipment located in classified hazardous areas –
Given that not every site modification is guaranteed to be reflected in EVERY safety-related document and drawing, and prior to implementation

3. A test & calibration service –
Within our new PH warehousing facility, by Q1 of next year. The workshop will initially cater for instrumentation; later to include both mechanical and electrical test and calibration support services

4. A low cost, high quality, asset management system package –
For small to medium sized production facilities, be they offshore or onshore. Equipment performance history can be viewed 24×7 and, together with breakdown + preventive + predictive maintenance work programs, will reduce the facility’s overall operational expenditure (OPEX), thereby lowering its net life-cycle-cost…. the primary goal of each of our projects

How can we at BISL best support you? Here is how….

For us it’s all about the CYCLE OF LIFE SUPPORT

FIRST – we must engage
…. to understand and appreciate the problems to be overcome. For if we’re not reading from the same book, we’ll never get to be on the same revision page

SECOND – we must supply solutions
….in the form of good designs and equipment and systems, and within the agreed time and budget constraints of each project

THIRD – we must provide a reliable and repeatable long term service capability
…. and throughout the useful life of those project equipment items and systems supplied by BISL

Independent of all three, but an essential prerequisite to each, is the need for us at BISL to spend our own time in looking at innovative ways we can improve our overall support to you, our Customers…. and all along the timeline of each new project, from its cradle to its grave, however long or short that turns out to be

BISL want’s to service what it supplies, and for three key reasons….

To provide long term BISL accountability –
hence Customer confidence and continuity
To keep BISL’S “equipment performance database” up to date –
by cataloguing actual vs. predicted behavior of the equipment supplied, and for the future benefit of one and all
To ensure the long term reliability of equipment supplied by BISL
–by maintaining a high level of hands-on experience, through preventive and predictive maintenance workovers


Asset Management is all about making your facility perform better, by either increasing production thru debottlenecking [the operations approach] or by reducing OPEX overheads [the maintenance approach]

Both approaches contribute to increasing profits, which is THE primary justification for an AMS

A modern Oil, Gas or Energy related asset management system interfaces knowledge-base tools, like active RFIDs and 3D surveys, with software solutions that can take full control of a facility’s maintenance organization

To efficiently support its strategic maintenance plan, every production facility must have available all necessary information (as-built and as-operating knowledge) of which the below four sources – taken together – will help guarantee the greatest life cycle return on its asset management investment :-

1. RFID tag related data….

A good AMS must have robust, corrosion resistant, physical equipment tags

2. Three dimensional data

A 3D model reduces OPEX brownfield project costs – over the facility’s LIFETIME

3. Pareto faults data

Every plan must be based on what faults are “likely” to occur – and when – else it’s not much use

4. Operational performance data

Measurement, analysis and testing is the route to controlling (and improving) daily performance

Asset Management Services We Can Provide

  • Site Surveys for RFID Tagging
  • Installing an RFID Tagging System
  • Organizing & Managing a 3D Survey
  • Supply & Set Up SMP Software
  • SMP Training & Data Population
  • AMS Implementation