Our Company

Belcorp exclusively provides first-class controls for first-class customers. We do not participate in the low quality end market or sell to customers who accept such equipment. We aim to be the lowest cost provider of excellent systems. Working together looks like a clear win-win.

A while back, when we thought about setting up a business, we agreed upon a vision based on forward compatibility and sustainable expertise – which basically means capable of easy integration and scaling, as new and proven technologies emerge.

To this end, we plan to be a company that’s an established part of the Industrial Internet Of Things (IIoT), throughout Nigeria and beyond. As a cloud-based enterprise, we see the safe and proven integration of digital technologies throughout the Oil, Gas & Energy Industries as the cornerstone of both our national and commercial futures – and our positive progress throughout West Africa.

Our Vision

We think that a digital industrial Nigeria is achievable in the next 25yrs, hopefully much sooner, given the combined will of government and industry. This is our view of what the future holds and we want to play our part in it

Our Mission

Following on from our vision, our mission is to become the best at what we do – and what we do is apply Pareto’s Principle to all our endeavours (what some call the 80/20 rule) to everything within our business portfolio.

Our Ambition

We aim to be the lowest cost provider of excellent systems. We want to provide the best possible customer value by applying Pareto’s Principle across all of our products and support services.

Our Approach The Pareto Principle

For those not familiar with this principle, it permeates pretty much every aspect of human endeavour. For example, research has show that 20% of sales people bring in 80% of orders; of the life cycle cost of equipment, 20% covers ownership and 80% covers operation.

In a nutshell, 20% of effort can get you 80% of results – however, it does require some dedicated research and analysis, in order to determine what specific areas of OG&E exhibit the 80/20 characteristic reflected in Pareto’s Principle.

This is what seriously interests us. Knowing the level of savings in labor and operating costs that are possible means we can provide better Customer value. Our mission is not simply to provide better value, but BEST CUSTOMER VALUE, and in two fundamental ways:

  • By proposing improvements, based on our knowledge and international experience
  • By maintaining a cost-competitive life-cycle-edge in every project we’re involved

Bottom line – by satisfying an agreement beyond the expectations of our customers.

Our Team

Chuck Umeh
Managing Director

Holds a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Control Systems Engineering Technology and Microcomputer Systems respectively from University of Houston, TX USA. Mr. Umeh has over eighteen years of technical experience with control and instrument systems, both hardware and software, across all project phases Predominant experience specific to oil & gas industry, both in-office and on-site, occurring at locations spanning the globe: Africa, Europe, South America and North America.

Tom McCormack
Technical Director

A professional Engineer with over 35 years experience, specializing in instrumentation and control systems. Successfully held senior positions as Company Director, Group Manager, Project Manager, Head of Department, Lead Engineer, Consultant, Construction and Commissioning Supervisor while working with a wide range of nationalities and regional capabilities. Competency gained at various levels in all aspects of project engineering work from concept to handover and warranty support.

Rodney Rather
Houston Regional Manager

Degreed in Civil Engineering, worked as the Vice President of Operations for Mammoet and ALE Heavylift for 21 years.  He is an expert in equipment sourcing, heavy lift, heavy transportation and logistics.  He is the founder of Construction Equipment Depot in Houston, TX USA.  Rodney coordinates our supply chain operations in the USA and has worked to develop excellent relationships with the original equipment manufacturers and major distributors.  This has resulted in a significant reduction in  costs and increase in delivery times for our projects that we transfer directly to our clients.  Rodney has an art to locating and procuring difficult items in short supply with reputable companies.